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horticulture-rising's podcast

Dec 2, 2019

Today we are speaking with Rizanino 'Riz' Reyes, he is a horticulturist, florist, and garden designer based in Seattle, WA. We will be talking about expressing interesting in gardening from a young age and what it means to empower those who work for us amongst other topics in this episode. 

Nov 25, 2019

Today we are speaking with Ann Amato. She is a horticulturist, propagator, and seedstress from Portland, Oregon. On this episode, we will be talking about inspiring seed collecting, the unique horticulture scene of Portland, and what exactly a seedstress is. 

Nov 13, 2019

Today we are speaking with Jason Chen, he is a self-employed horticulturist and florist living in San Diego, CA. We will be talking about the importance of education and training in horticulture and the necessity of connections both locally and afar in our community. 

Nov 3, 2019

Today we will be speaking with Imogen Toomer. She is a horticulturist in Brisbane, Australia and has recently returned from her internship as the first recipient of the scholarship from The Global Gardening Trust. We will be talking about her time interning at DeWiersse Gardens and her experience and lessons she has...

Oct 21, 2019

Today we are speaking with Tommy Tonsberg, he is a gardener, writer, photographer, and plant propagator in Nannestad, Norway. He shares with us his experience importing and growing plants at his nursery, and making the most of a challenging climate.