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horticulture-rising's podcast

Apr 3, 2022

Please join me for a conversation with Ryan Drake, an ecological horticulturist at the Greater Des Moines Botanic Garden. In this episode, we’ll be discussing the concept of plant sociability, his research, and the process behind helping to design the Founders Garden, as well as deconstructing the meaning...

Mar 27, 2022

In this episode, I’ll be speaking with Nathan Lamb, owner of Nathan Lamb gardening and ecology. We’ll be discussing the considerations that shape the language we use in referring to non-native plant species, his blending of horticulture and ecological practices, and his vast array of experiences. 

Mar 20, 2022

Please join with for a conversation with Gerard Hoogendoorn, Chief Horticulture Operations Officer at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa. We’ll be discussing water scarcity in forcing adaption, ways in which the average person can be a part of plant conservation, and some of his favorite...

Mar 13, 2022

Please join me for a conversation with Alex Cairns, a kitchen gardener at The Small Holding in Kent, England. In this episode, we’ll be talking about his observations from a no-till organic system, the positives of the lockdown period, as well as being inspired to explore cooking with what you grow. 

Mar 6, 2022

Please join me for a conversation with Quill Teal-Sullivan, horticulturist and owner of Queen Valley Farms based on Lopez Island in Washington. In this episode, we’ll be discussing the learning curve of starting a business, unique challenges female horticulturists face in our industry, as well as the realization that...